22PointSix, GroundScope and the 360 degree project

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22PointSix, GroundScope and the 360 degree project Who are GroundScope? GroundScope are a well-established very successful business with a global presence. They have developed a service and technology platform that provide chauffer driven cars for business travellers internationally. This includes direct bookings for companies and working with Travel Management Companies in the supply of partner […]

Why WordPress is the perfect CMS for most businesses – Benefits of WordPress

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What you should know about WordPress Contact the 22PointSix Web Deevelopment Team for our latest portfolio of WordPress websites. When it comes to the battle between CMS sites and manually-coded sites, CMS sites definitely pack a heftier punch. WordPress sits at top of the pack and for good reason. WordPress allow businesses to launch their […]

Working with NHS backed DHC to provide invaluable health services

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We are thrilled to be working with DHC, an NHS backed organisation that is providing a range of great health services across Surrey and Sussex. DHC was formed in 2005 by local GPs, to provide high quality, local and timely outpatient appointments, initially for patients of the Dorking practices. In recent years they have widened their mission to […]

Working together with Healthcare professionals to deliver positive online experiences for vulnerable audiences

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Vulnerable audiences could include an array of different people or groups. From the elderly to the very young, to those seeking advice on health conditions or those newly diagnosed who are simply trying to find a way to manage their condition, or those living with long-term illness or disability.   Whoever the audience be, Healthcare […]

New Client Win With One Of The UK’s Oldest Charities, Katherine Low Settlement

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Building bridges between the new and old, here at 22PointSix we’ve partnered with a new client, one of the oldest Charities in the UK, the Katherine Low Settlement.   The Settlement, based in the Battersea area of London, is a Charity that aims to raise key issues such as isolation, inequality and rising poverty in […]