How can digital help you deliver better healthcare?

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Digital channels have opened a wealth of opportunities for healthcare providers to help people stay fit and well. Here’s a look at just a few of the channels that can improve your online presence: 

Social Media 
with over 2 billion users on Facebook alone, the reach of social media is undeniable. You can easily create a presence for your organisation. You could share important information that demonstrates your specialism but also your care for your client. You can provide details of support groups or even information on how to aid recovery and of course it’s a great way to have an online ‘conversation’ with your audience.



All healthcare organisations need a website, if only to act as a portal for basic information about the organisation, however, a website can be so much more now, with the option to include blogs, video content and links to book appointments. Encouraging your patients to leave testimonials is a also a great way to build your credibility. 22.6 is a professional WordPress web agency that can help you with choosing the best platform and creating a design that would be just perfect for your type of organisation.


Imagine setting up an email list of your patients or potential clients and feeding them health information straight into their inbox.  There are easy ways that healthcare organisations can encourage people to sign up to freely delivered information that they actively want to read.  This is the information leaflet on a whole new level.  No longer do patients choose to pick up the leaflet, they have it straight to their desktop or tablet.


Being found online when a potential patient is searching for you or services that you offer is paramount to the success of most Healthcare organisation. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method that can be used to ensure that you are ‘found’ if your natural search is taking time to mature. This makes it simple to build up your audience in a way that brings an obvious return on your investment. You can also focus your campaigns on particular areas, so for example if you run a clinic in a particular location then through PPC you can target just that area. Or, you can pick services that you offer to promote specifically.


This is only the tip of the digital iceberg for Health Care.  If used effectively, each of these channels can provide promotion, information and advice that would otherwise be difficult to deliver.  The skill comes in coordinating the use of the different channels, so that the message delivered is coherent and consistent.  The clicks on your website should be linked to the delivery of your email, for instance.

If you post a blog on your site then it should be advertised on social media too.  Your PPC budget should be spent on effective hooks, or powerful content, that will encourage people to give their email and want to hear more from you.

At 22pointSix we can help coordinate your use of digital channels for maximum effect.  Please do get in touch if you would like to speak to us about improving your online presence. 

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