So, Is A Google ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Algorithm On The Cards?

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Google has been sending mass notifications to webmasters informing them to fix mobile usability on their websites. Could this be Google testing a new mobile-friendly algorithm?

With the launch of Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool and mobile usability reports in Webmaster Tools and the ‘mobile-friendly’ label, this has gotten a lot of us thinking, could something bigger be coming our way? Let’s take a quick look at these new features…


Mobile-Friendly Label

You may have noticed that when searching on your mobile, some of the results have a new line of text under the URL stating if the site is mobile-friendly or not. This is Google’s mobile-friendly label, helping users to identify if a site is mobile-friendly or not.


Mobile-Friendly Tool

The new mobile-friendly tool is found in Webmaster Tools and essentially tests your website’s mobile-friendliness. It will grade your site with either a pass or fail, informing you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. It is worth knowing that at the moment, sites with mobile experience issues are being penalised in mobile search rankings. But given the number of mobile users browsing the web, if you’re finding your pages have dropped in the SERPs, this may be the problem.


Mobile Usability Reports

This tool is also found in Webmaster Tools and is designed to point out any common usability issues your mobile site may be having. If your site is graded a fail, this will advise you on how to go about fixing the problem areas – rather handy!

So why have Google launched these features? We believe this is Google’s way of preparing us. Warning us to attend to any issues now. Although there is no confirmation as such that there is a new algorithm being tested, we are reading the signs.

It may be worth testing your website just to be safe. Or considering a mobile-friendly responsive web design?


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