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Technology is forever improving

Similarly, with the web ever-evolving, it makes it particularly difficult to maintain your online appearance at an optimal level. With a significantly growing percentage of enquiries now being generated directly online, it is now imperative to keep refreshing your website and continuously optimising to ensure it remains a constant lead generation tool with incremental growth.



Mobile-friendly has been the buzzword this year with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm changes being launched back in July. Many websites that have not yet made the switch to mobile-friendly (or responsive) are now beginning to feel the effects of the infamous ‘Mobilegeddon’ event with a fall in organic search rankings on mobile and a subsequent decrease in traffic.

A recent case study showed an independent used car dealership had increased their online enquiries by 90%, simply by making the necessary changes to meet consumers ever-changing online behaviours.

Jeremy Bennett of AM explains, “CarShop relaunched its website to win back its digital position after website enquiries dropped by 13% in 2013 and customer feedback reported a poor website experience”

Since they moved to a fully-responsive website conversion rates have increased by up to 8% year on year but they have also seen a significant rise in appointments too. Their overall website bounce rate dropped by 11% further illuminating the positive consumer feedback to their new website.


User Experience

The number of searches completed on mobile or tablet devices is getting higher and higher as these devices get smarter and more common – resulting in more and more traffic being generated from such devices.

One of the core objectives of any website (regardless of commercial purpose) should be to deliver the very best user experience possible. With growing trend for mobile search, having an unresponsive, non-mobile-friendly website can spell disaster for your online success.

Not only do you run the risk of losing traffic to competitors through drops in your (mobile) Google rankings, but you also face a high chance of alienating and losing customers through subjecting them to a painful user experience. Let’s face it, why would they want to revisit your site?


22PointSix can help

If you’re concerned with the state of your existing website and are unsure on the best course of action then why not give us a call? The team here at 22PointSix are geared to analyse and evaluate your current website and advise on any issues that you may be experiencing and how you might correct them.


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