Influencer marketing in the tech industry

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of technology buyers look to industry peers while researching relevant content for B2B purchase decisions

Influencer Marketing is a common in the tech industry and is really helpful to the buying decision making process. Business leaders will often be very influenced by industry leaders who they trust and admire, when considering a tech purchase, so partnering with some industry guru’s could well be worth the effort. Here’s how to go about it:

Who are your target audiences?

It’s really helpful to develop an actual persona of the person you think will buy your solution. Try to develop a picture in your head, know what their challenges may be and who they may follow or engage with online.


Research influencers

 A bit of desk research will likely help you identify who the key industry experts are that your target audiences may be following. You could find that by connecting with some of your target audiences on LinkedIn will show you who they are following, both individuals and groups. There will also be bloggers and publications that will attract your audience.


Be a thought leader

It is very important that you create your own content that sets you apart from the crowd. Influencers will want to see you are creating high-quality, thought leader type content pieces and sharing them online.



Ditch digital and meet in person

Given the nature of industry leaders, it’s likely they have quite a following and may well attend events, speaker engagements and conferences. If you can make a physical appearance you could fast track your involvement with this key individual.


In-house technology experience and insight

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