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One-stop video production and distribution service

Intrigued by the possibilities offered by video production and online distribution for your company but not sure how to go about it? 22PointSix is a full-service agency working with hundreds of customers across the UK and we help them exploit the power of video production and marketing.

In this article, we look at what we do as a company for our clients to ensure that their video provides the return on investment they’ve been looking for.

Getting your video strategy right

Your production team will first ensure that any planning we do with you for your video marketing ties in with your existing digital marketing strategy or any new digital marketing strategy you’ve agreed with the 22PointSix team.

The first thing we need to understand from you is what you want the videos to achieve and how many videos you need to achieve each of those goals. Most commonly, videos are used as a branding tool for a business, a way to describe a company and their USPs (for example “look at our UK only factories” or “our educational workshops make children happy- you can tell by their faces in this video”). Some videos we film for you may be to generate email addresses for later marketing campaigns. Other videos might be to encourage sign-up to free or paid-for seminars you’re holding for local businesses. Many clients want ‘explainer’ and promotional videos to drive sales of particular products and services.

Any video you produce has to lead somewhere – a sign-up page, a free download, a special promotion offering additional services and/or a discounted price, and so on. While the video is the focus, what surrounds it – landing pages, white papers, blog posts, sales copy, booking pages, shopping carts – must complement it well with the goal of conversion.

Once your video has been produced and you’ve signed it off as well as the supporting collateral, it’s then our job to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible. That’s where our experts in search engine optimisation, link building, email marketing, and pay per click will demonstrate true value to your company.

If you have brand guidelines, we’ll make sure that the videos and the supporting material are fully consistent with your visual and linguistic styles.

The video production process

Each video we produce for clients is thoroughly researched in advance so that every piece of information relayed to viewers is truthful, current, dependable, and accurate. We work in full compliance with all current British advertising codes of practice. Your video will be scripted and storyboarded prior to filming and editing so that we don’t spend any longer than we need to in delivering the desired video to you. Our team are brimming with creative and commercially-driven ideas which they will genuinely look forward to sharing with you. 22PointSix’s team can work on live video productions, on-location filming projects, and on drone aerial videos.

Marketing and distributing your video

It’s all well and good having a world-class video backed with strong, response-generating support material but how do you get people to view the video in the first place for them to be able to respond?

As part of our service, we will distribute, advertise, and optimise your video for maximum immediate and ongoing exposure.

Why choose 22PointSix?

22PointSix is an experienced video production and distribution agency set up specifically so that clients can achieve their commercial goals and increase their return on investment.

Whilst we and our clients greatly enjoy the marriage of art, language, and technology involved in the production of a video and its supporting materials, the team never lose sight that what we’re doing for you must produce a worthwhile profit for you over the timescale you’ve specified. Our video production and distribution service is not about us winning awards (as it is with so many others), it’s about your winning sales and converting the right people to your cause.

We strongly favour a friendly, professional, and collaborative approach with all of our clients.

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