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Is email marketing still effective?

Why use email marketing? Since 2000, email marketing has been one of the most dominant routes to market for companies targeting consumers and other businesses. Although many business owners’ attentions are currently focused on devising and implementing a social media strategy, there are still new customers to be found and new sales to be made using email marketing.

Tens of thousands of UK businesses still use email for marketing, even in the post-GDPR world. Email marketing still outperforms, by some distance, social media on users making a purchase as a result of receiving a promotional message, customer acquisition cost-effectiveness, open rates, clickthrough and engagement rates, general ROI, and customer lifetime value.

Why email marketing is important for sales-driven businesses

The statistics speak for themselves. 79% of people receiving a promotional offer by email see it in comparison to a maximum 6% for Facebook (depending on the number of friends you have on that platform). Social media is better for building a long-term audience because so many people share your content – it’s a long-term marketing strategy. Where email marketing differs substantially is that it is a sales- and enquiry-driven medium – its impact is very short-term and people do not tend to share emails in the way they share social media content.

For your business, employ email marketing for sales boosts and promotional offers. Use social media to build your brand value and your brand capital.

Email marketing sending, testing, and reporting

Getting email marketing right is difficult. It’s not easy to design emails so that they look attractive and appealing on every possible device they could be displayed on. Did you know that more people access their emails on smartphones now than they do on their desktop computers, even in the B2B space?

You have up to 3 seconds (including loading time) to grab a reader’s attention, tell them a story they can engage with, and get them to respond. The precision of the copywriting has to be perfect to maximise the returns you receive.

You then have to send campaigns from a trusted server to ensure the highest level of inbox deliverability. With Google and other email service providers using more and more sophisticated email filtering techniques, the difference in response between landing in the inbox and in the “Promotions” tab is enormous.

At the end of every campaign or part of a campaign, we’ll send you a detailed, plain English report on how well it went including opt-outs, open rates, and clickthroughs. Did you know that, for B2B clients, doing a follow-up phone call to your clickthroughs can yield some very impressive results?

Email marketing drip campaigns

As with all types of marketing, it’s always “best to test.” We’ll run up to three variations of a campaign to see which one derives the biggest response of quality and actionable leads, using those lessons to increase return on investment in each of the email campaigns we send out for you.

Email marketing is best done in drips – sending an email every two to four weeks to your user or subscriber base just reminding them that you’re there and that you’ve got great offers on. Using a regularly-sent email combining the best of a newsletter and a sales promotion delivers sales month after month when done correctly. Speak with the 22PointSix team to find out how we help you do this.

Email marketing personalisation

On any given day, we receive over 100 emails a day personally and professionally. When you send out an email, you’re not only trying to win business from your competitors – you’re trying to win attention from every other company or individual who has emailed your prospect that day.

Deloitte believe that including your customer’s name in your email marketing provides an instant boost of 5% to your open rates. Depending on how much further you go to personalise your email, open rates could see an increase of 55%. In addition, respondents told Harris Interactive that they were 80% more likely to purchase again from a company which used personalisation in their email marketing.

These figures tie in with our extensive experience performing our own email marketing and the email marketing we carry out on behalf of clients. Email marketing personalisation is part of the 22PointSix service.

Email marketing opt in importance

Email marketing opt in importance has become even more important in recent years. Email marketing and GDPR rules

Why work with 22PointSix’s pay per click experts?

We’re specialists across dozens of different email marketing niches and we’re confident we have the experience and market intelligence you need to achieve the highest returns on investment possible from your email marketing.

Whether you’re using your own list or you have asked us to source you a GDPR-compliant list from an approved Direct Marketing Association member, 22PointSix handles every aspect of your email marketing campaign from concept to delivery to reporting.

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