Estate Agent Website Design

Estate Agent Website Design

One of the key factors for any estate agent is the effectiveness of their website design. What your website says about you to potential customers and the message it sends about your service is key. Many people looking to buy or sell a property will venture online first to check you out, so you need a website that delivers.

Here at 22PointSix, we have the talent and experience to help you do just that.

Why choose 22PointSix for your estate agency website?

Getting a WordPress website designed that hits the mark is no mean feat. Here are some key points on why you should choose us to help you stand out from the online estate agent crowd:

  • Over 12 years in the business
  • Experience of designing websites specifically for estate agents
  • Ability to fully customise the website we design to your needs
  • Focus on meeting your expectations
  • Great value for money
  • A full-service agency to cover the whole journey from concept to completion

Essential features of an Estate Agent website

If you’re an estate agent, you don’t need us to tell you just how competitive your sector is. With the rise of portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, competition is increasingly fierce and standing out has become even more challenging.

At 22PointSix, we build websites for estate agents with one thing in mind: results. Whether it is to attract more landlords or tenants or both, our websites are equipped with all the tools and features you will need to make your website a success.

Here’s a list of features you will find in our web builds:

Intelligent Search – The search capabilities for a property website can make or break your online results. Your visitors spend most of their time using the search facility so it is important not just to have a search system that loads fast but offers all the necessary search options and filters such as by location, distance to a postcode, min/max number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price range to name a few.

Using Google’s Map API we can also custom build plugins that can enable additional search parameters such as proximity to underground stations and school.

Fast loading and responsive – There’s a good chance the majority of your website visitors are using their mobiles to visit your website which is why a fast loading and mobile-friendly website is an absolute must

Registration – An area where landlords and tenants can register can go a long way in increasing the “stickiness” of your website. We can also help you link your customer data to a newsletter platform or CRM of your choice so your customers can be kept up-to-date automatically with all that is going on with your estate agency.

What’s more, prospective tenants will also be able to set up alerts to notify them of “similar properties” as and when they become available.

Convert more visitors into leads

It must not be forgotten that your website is there to serve a real-world purpose as well as look pretty. It is key that it is designed in a way that helps convert visitors into leads for your continued growth. Our previous experience in the sector means we know how to build a website that will provide a constant stream of new leads to follow up on. Whether it is someone looking to sell their house or buy a flat, we can make sure your website is the one they head too.

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If you are looking for a new website for your estate agency business then give us a call today. Our great value web design service will mean you get a product that not only looks fabulous but has superb functionality and delivers a great ROI.       

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The turnaround time for a web design project varies depending on the specification and cordion #2requirements. If you’re looking for a high quality website that will help represent your brand effectively on the web, but don’t plan on selling anything, so a fairly simple project with limited functionality can be completed in approx 30 working days.
Turnaround times for complex, Ecommerce sites will often take longer and can vary between 50 – 70 working days.

There’s usually 4 phases to a Web Design project which comprises of the following:
Discovery – this is the initial phase which entails discussions between you and us to help uncover your goals, your business, the target market and the competition. We take all of these into account when coming up with the initial designs for your website
Design – based on our discussions, 22PointSix will create the initial designs for your website. We create normally one home page design initially but can also look at your logo or other design work for you, to help come up with an overall look and feel that you will love
Development – once the designs are approved, we get to work to build the site
Testing – upon completion of the development phase, 22PointSix will carry out extensive testing of your website – cross-browser compatibility, render testing on different devices, forms, CMS etc. Once it has all been passed at our end, the test version of the site is presented to you for your own testing

That’s a great question and it all comes down to experience.
22PointSix has been designing high-quality and innovative websites businesses in Epsom and beyond for over 20 years now. So, when it comes to creating an online presence for your business, we know a thing or two.
As importantly, our goal isn’t just to create a website that sits there looking pretty but also is effective at converting your website traffic into commercial interest.
Take a close look at some of our client websites and you will find a design that centres around delivering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for the visitor. All of this ultimately helps deliver high-converting websites that deliver a positive ROI from day 1.

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