Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

As a company based in healthcare, you need your website’s design and look/feel to convey a sense of professionalism and inspire trust with your visitors. And, 22PointSix can help you achieve just that.

For over 20 years, 22PointSix have been designing websites for the healthcare sector and businesses that have helped our clients not only convey the message of their brand effectively, but just as importantly, ensure that a large number of website visitors turn into enquiries and leads.

As a result of extensive web design knowledge and experience, 22PointSix knows the kind of medical website designs that deliver a constant supply of new customers thereby delivering a higher return on your investment than you’re likely to find from other website design firms. Which is why, when you choose 22PointSix to design a new website for your healthcare business, we’ll not only help create it but also deliver results.

Depending on the medical web design option you choose, here’s a small list of features/benefits your website can have:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly design for your medical website to help keep visitor-to-lead conversions high
  • A comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) so you can make changes such as adding pages, publishing news and insights, updating current content and so on all in-house without requiring our help
  • Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your medical website has greater visibility
  • If we’re redesigning your current site, you can be sure of us implementing SEO best-practices to help avoid any loss of rankings with the new site


That’s not all. As a full-service WordPress agency, the list of customisations we can offer for your new website is endless. Need to integrate your existing CRM so all your leads are in one place? Require a login-access area so you can share documents with your clients securely? Active on Social Media and want to integrate your social feeds within the website? Check, check and check.

So, if you’re looking for a medical website design, get in touch with 22PointSix and we’ll show you how we can help your practice grow with a website that has the right balance of form and function.

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The turnaround time for a web design project varies depending on the specification and cordion #2requirements. If you’re looking for a high quality website that will help represent your brand effectively on the web, but don’t plan on selling anything, so a fairly simple project with limited functionality can be completed in approx 30 working days.
Turnaround times for complex, Ecommerce sites will often take longer and can vary between 50 – 70 working days.

There’s usually 4 phases to a Web Design project which comprises of the following:
Discovery – this is the initial phase which entails discussions between you and us to help uncover your goals, your business, the target market and the competition. We take all of these into account when coming up with the initial designs for your website
Design – based on our discussions, 22PointSix will create the initial designs for your website. We create normally one home page design initially but can also look at your logo or other design work for you, to help come up with an overall look and feel that you will love
Development – once the designs are approved, we get to work to build the site
Testing – upon completion of the development phase, 22PointSix will carry out extensive testing of your website – cross-browser compatibility, render testing on different devices, forms, CMS etc. Once it has all been passed at our end, the test version of the site is presented to you for your own testing

That’s a great question and it all comes down to experience.
22PointSix has been designing high-quality and innovative websites businesses in Epsom and beyond for over 20 years now. So, when it comes to creating an online presence for your business, we know a thing or two.
As importantly, our goal isn’t just to create a website that sits there looking pretty but also is effective at converting your website traffic into commercial interest.
Take a close look at some of our client websites and you will find a design that centres around delivering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for the visitor. All of this ultimately helps deliver high-converting websites that deliver a positive ROI from day 1.

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