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Hello Moon are a businesses who were looking for a friendly and engaging ecommerce site that could be designed to work in harmony with their products. In order to enhance their website they were looking for an interactive functionality that allowed customers to input their own text whilst the images automatically update to reflect the changes. Text locations would be different on each product and they would like to show the frame and size options with a preview if possible. It was essential to have this function in place to allow customers to preview their finished product once all personalisation was inputted.


Adapting a product customisation plugin was our first solution. This allowed them to produce live previews of their vectorised posters, the images were modified on screen in real time by text input, and the view output a realistic idea of the finished product. By automating the font size it meant the customer’s inputted text would always fit within the posters limits. We were also able to make a live preview of the frame selection possible across all products and artwork. The design of the website was made to reflect their unique brand all whilst showcasing their products, who they are and what they do best.

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