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Wadars is a leading animal welfare charity that has been rescuing wildlife and rehoming companion animals since 1969. Their website was dated and no longer user friendly.

Relying heavily on their website for donations as well as a way to promote the charity, Wadars needed a complete refresh of their site in order to improve the user experience.

The main objective was to have a clear path to donation for fundraising purposes as well as increase awareness and engagement from the site.


We’ve delivered Wadars with a fresh look to their site including a new layout and bright bold colours, whilst still maintaining their logo and the traditional brand colour red to make the website recognisable. By changing the layout of the website and adding a new navigation bar horizontally at the top of the site makes it much more user friendly and interactive.

The brightly coloured box layout makes it easy for users to discover content whilst being engaging with additional click through ‘read more’ buttons. We have added a donate button in the header of the site to give simple quick and easy access to the charities donation process.

In addition we have added their Facebook feed and a news onto the homepage to try engage more with their target audience.


Our old website was just that…. old! As a very small charity rehoming pets, we rely heavily on our website to enable people to see our animals, and find ways to support us. The old site didn’t do either very well and we needed to find a better solution. Whilst we are experienced in rehoming pets, we had no real experience of creating new websites. Working with 22pointsix was very straightforward, and they made the whole process simple for us. The new site is easy to navigate and better still, easy for us to edit and amend!

Tracy Cadman – Operations Manager

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