Ways Healthcare marketers can utilise social media marketing

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Social media marketing might seem like it is for major brands or small business entrepreneurs but, the truth is, that social media marketing must be the first thought of all sectors, including Healthcare.


Social Media is a free and easily accessible form of communication.  Consumers watch videos on platforms without realising it is advertising or advice and therefore insulated from the sense of intrusion of normal marketing strategies.  There are tools, if you wish to pay a little, where you can focus your material on the target demographic that is perfect for your service or product.  This can also help you understand your market better and therefore improve your product.


Social Media is effective at giving your organisation a voice on issues that are related to your service.  You could run campaigns to raise awareness or voice concern over policy developments.  It might be best if you choose to be a source of information rather than using your presence on social media for outright promotion.  You can help your audience and allow them to see you as thought leaders in your category.


You can also use social media to provide content that you can’t disseminate in any other way.  For instance, if you want to issue how-to videos – what better place than a social media platform.  You could want to provide help with exercises and physio that would aid recovery – again social media is a great means of making this information widely available.


More importantly, social media can help to interact with your audience.  You can seek opinions, run polls, encourage shares, all of which makes your client feel a part of your community.  This interaction can easily come in the form of testimonials, where patients endorse your healthcare centre and service.  This can be a valuable means of gaining access to customer voice.


Getting started might feel intimidating because there are many creative ways to use these marketing platforms and you might not know where to begin.  A good way to begin is to see what other people are doing, both in and outside of your sector, look at how they use the platforms and gain some insights there and also ask for help and advice at a professional WordPress Development Agency.



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