22PointSix, GroundScope and the 360 degree project

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22PointSix, GroundScope and the 360 degree project

Who are GroundScope?

GroundScope are a well-established very successful business with a global presence. They have developed a service and technology platform that provide chauffer driven cars for business travellers internationally. This includes direct bookings for companies and working with Travel Management Companies in the supply of partner vehicles. The CEO John McCallion, was the founding Director of Booking.com and his approach is to place people at the heart of the GroundScope service, supported by a solid infrastructure of technology. It’s a recipe for success and we learnt from him whilst working with him.

22PointSix’s Involvement

GroundScope have been around for over a decade, and like all clever (and modest) companies they identified their need for a brand facelift. 22PointSix were the surgeons hired to do the job and we didn’t hold back with our scalpels. The brief included building a new website that would support GroundScope’s existing booking technology platform. It also included designing a range of printed adverts for magazine publication, designing an exhibition for the Business Travel Show London Olympia expo, social media marketing, copywriting and two videos and many other fun additional projects that kept our graphic designer very busy.

The website

Web development is the bread and butter of 22PointSix and we were delighted to design and build a new website for GroundScope which offered all the modern hallmarks of a 2019 website. Intuitive user experience, modern designs and colours, simple open space with SEO friendly copywriting.

The Account Management

A frequently overlooked aspect of most digital projects is the project management that goes on behind the scenes. Websites don’t build themselves and it’s the account manager who coordinates all the developers, designers, copywriters; and keeps the client updated on progress and manages new requests and changes- whilst overseeing the project is delivered on time. It may seem controversial to admit, but some of this work involves managing the client also. Educating clients about the process, managing their expectations and explaining why it may not be possible to build Rome in a day is all part of the role. Having said that, GroundScope were a delight to work with. Their technological background meant they had in depth knowledge of the development processes that go into website builds. It was truly a collaborative working relationship with some good humour thrown into the mix.

Vertical Markets, Messages and Branding Messages

When they approached us, GroundScope had some extremely big enterprises in their pockets and a huge client list. Generally speaking their brand identity was bang on. However we identified an opportunity to expand their reach to smaller sized companies which is something GroundScope were open to exploring. However this came with a price- the need to talk in a new language. In order to appeal to a new target audience it’s quite normal for your business to have to learn a new language so you can communicate different types of messages. The team undertook a great deal of work researching the pain barriers that medium size companies face when approaching business travel, and we also looked at some of the barriers that may have prevented SMEs from signing up to the business. Apprehension around perceived cost, obligation and complication were some of the issues that stood in the way of smaller companies feeling comfortable signing up to a fully managed car service. We addressed much of these issues within the copywriting for the website and other marketing material.

Visual and Graphic Design

Our lead graphic designer Serena Di Benedetto worked tirelessly on the GroundScope project which called on a range of her skills across web, social media, print and exhibition. Her task was not easy because it required a revamp of the visual branding already in place, whilst modernising and refreshing the look. Her approach was to reconcile the old and new, and use imagery and design as a medium of communication. A lovely example is the use of gradient filters throughout the website headers and artwork; which symbolise the global reach and market expansion of GroundScope. Icon clarity was another way in which our designer used simplicity to attract new verticals and symbolise the simplicity of the booking process. It was important to her to promote cohesion across the various channels. Serena interprets messages through design and acknowledged the need to represent the company values through the use of images, colour and placement.

The Exhibition

22PointSix will attend the Business Travel Show at London Olympia on 20th February in order to film a promotional video for GroundScope’s role at the event. We also can’t wait to capture the talent of our graphic designer Serena who designed the panels that will be built into stands. We look forward to sharing the event highlights with you another time.

Why GroundScope were good fun

We worked closely and collaboratively with GroundScope’s CEO John McCallion and the company’s commercial executive Nathalie Villares. As clients they were ideal- they gave us enough room and breathing space to develop our own ideas for the project, but they were always at the end of the phone to answer questions. They also had a clear vision for every aspect of the project but communicated this in a way that respected our expertise in marketing, development and design. Most importantly, we have been taken for delicious food and lavished with chocolate by GroundScope. Good food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any project at 22PointSix!

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