Why Choose A Creative Agency Outside Of London?

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Why Choose A Creative Agency Outside Of London?

When choosing a team to develop and build a website or marketing strategy for your business, where do you look? Some company directors rely on recommendations they’ve received from their business connections, others contact a local agency that they’ve heard of, and some people turn to Google.

Those in the last category are likely to come up with a host of creative agencies that are based in the capital. After all, that’s where the highest density of creative agencies are based. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best value for money there (or the best website, for that matter).

That’s why, in this article, the 22PointSix team explain:

  • Why some companies are drawn to London agencies,
  • The problems with dealing with London-based agencies, and
  • Where you can go to find a better service.

Why do some Companies Choose London-based Agencies?

London offers a level of glamour that many cities do not. It’s the financial capital of the world, one of the largest cities of the planet, and home to the most famous people on Earth – the Royal Family. For these reasons, many people are drawn to London-based agencies because of this false notion of “being the best”.

This is rarely the case. Depending on your own individual circumstances, a creative team elsewhere may be a better choice for your business. This isn’t just in terms of price either, but also the skills of the people who will be helping you build your company’s online presence.

Don't Put the Blinkers on Your Marketing

One common trap that many business owners fall into is getting the idea that their website will be made by an agency in London and not considering their other options. The beauty of web design is that it can be done from anywhere.

By only choosing to work with agencies that are based in London, you are eliminating all of the possibilities and ideas that the hundreds of other agencies across the UK can bring to the table. Restricting your search to London only limits the number of possible agencies who meet your individual requirements.

The Cost of Choosing a London Agency

The cost of renting a commercial property in London is significantly higher than the rest of the country. Unsurprisingly, this additional cost is passed down to the consumer (who, in this case, is you).

According to Raconteur, monthly rent for an office space in Liverpool is £20.50 per square foot on average, compared with £90.64 in the St. James area of London.

So, when you see higher prices coming from London agencies, you aren’t paying for a premium service, you’re also paying for their ability to stay afloat in such an expensive city. Business is all about competition, so how is an agency that’s based in London meant to compete with one outside of the capital that has lower overheads?

Are You Paying for Quality or Location?

If you take the same quote from an organisation based elsewhere in the UK and one that is headquartered in the capital, what are you getting for your money? It is highly unlikely that the London based agency will be able to deliver the same quality of service for your money and be able to afford the additional costs of living as well.

That’s why the price you pay for working with an agency that aren’t based in London are always worth the costs. In these instances, you’re paying for labour and expertise, rather than labour, expertise, and rent.

According to Recruiting Times, 60% of new activity from start-ups come from outside the capital in cities such as Brighton, Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Leeds. There’s more to the UK than just London, after all.

Where are the Talented Designers?

Many creatives are trained in London but, when they qualify, do they stick around? Because London is a creative hub, it makes sense that many people go there to learn their trade. However, the high cost of living and the claustrophobic nature of the city drives many away over time. It’s becoming more and more rare for professionals in this field who are educated in London to stay there when they form their businesses.

Is a Smaller Agency Better than a Larger Agency?

Smaller agencies are less likely to be based in London because of the prices there. In the start-up phase of any business, every penny counts. So, it makes sense that a lot of smaller businesses are based elsewhere.

However, that doesn’t mean that all of the experience is still in London. Many of these businesses are founded by people who have had numerous years of experience with creative design and web development. But that’s not the biggest benefit of working with smaller organisations.

If you choose to work with a small organisation, you are far more likely to receive a heavily personalised service. These small companies can work closely with you to create the best website for you. Additionally, many businesses who operate in niche markets won’t find the services they require from large organisations.


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