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What you should know about WordPress

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When it comes to the battle between CMS sites and manually-coded sites, CMS sites definitely pack a heftier punch. WordPress sits at top of the pack and for good reason.

WordPress allow businesses to launch their sites quickly and at relatively little cost. And, with a bevy of WordPress plugins available and myriad ways to create new and innovative designs there’s not much WordPress cant do.

You might think that WordPress is only for small businesses and bloggers. But, the truth is that more and more major businesses now use WordPress. And, if you’re thinking that you should take the word ‘major’ with a pinch of salt, think again. Companies such as Sony Music, Disney, Bata, Time Inc., the New York Times, and Mercedes Benz all have websites powered by WordPress.

WordPress also attracts its fair share of celebrities, with Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and the Rolling Stones all using this CMS as a platform for their websites.

Almost 30 percent of the web uses WordPress, making this CMS highly popular indeed. But, it isn’t just the big names linked to WordPress that make it so popular. It is popular because WordPress sites are just simple to create and manage.

So, what is it about WordPress that makes it perfect for so many businesses, yours included? The following guide will answer that question and numerous others that you might have about this versatile content management system.


The Benefits of WordPress

When making a case for WordPress as the best CMS for any business, you have to start with its numerous advantages. With that in mind, here are some of the features and advantages of WordPress that make it such a good choice for businesses of all sizes:

1. Customisation Options

Though WordPress offers a ‘template-based’ means to creating websites, it certainly shouldn’t be seen as a ‘one size fits all’ option. WordPress allows for the design and use of themes, of which there is a plethora. These themes give you the ability to customise your site to suit any visual style and functionality that your business might need.

Of course, you also have the option to create highly bespoke designs which are unique to your business and represent your brand in the most effective way possible.

Whether you choose a readily-available theme or a custom design, all of WordPress’s capabilities can then be advanced by the use of plugins. This means that, if a theme doesn’t contain a particular feature that you want for your site, it is possible to download a plugin that adds that feature.

These plugins allow you to easily do all of the things that you need to in order to maintain a functional site, like battle spam, easily add contact forms, monitor stats, and control SEO. They also allow you to do things within your theme that make your site easier to build and modify, even if it is merely a case of being able to drag around the order of the content in your portfolio.

Between the themes and plugins available for WordPress, you are able to create a site that looks exactly how you want it to look, and works the way you need it to work.


2. Excellent for Maintenance

A website is very important for introducing online users to your business and giving them insight into how you operate. But, if you simply upload your website and leave it to sit online with no new activity, not only will your site grow increasingly harder for users to find but it might give the impression that you are no longer in operation. After all, would you knock on the door of a cobweb-ridden B&B?

This is why publishing new and regular content is important. Fresh content shows that your business is running, and running well. You can also use that fresh content (in the form of a blog, perhaps) to show your site’s visitors exactly how your business is thriving.

WordPress makes this easy through its Posts tab. A new post takes just a few clicks to create, and uploading featured images is made incredibly easy through a dedicated section. Embedding videos from YouTube is also made simple, and is just a case of copying the video’s URL into your post’s text.

Through these and other features, keeping your site populated with fresh content is a breeze.

3. Easy Expansion

Even if your company has an ample budget, you don’t want to tie a large amount of it up in site features that you might not need for a few years. This is where the scalability of WordPress definitely works in your favour.

By being able to use only the aspects of the CMS that you need at any given time, you can keep your spending to a minimum and still end up with a site that meets all of your expectations. Then, when it comes time to ramp up your features to meet your growing needs, you can do this incrementally.

Scaling up over time might mean purchasing a high-end plugin every so often, or upgrading your theme. But, by being able to choose if and when you want to increase your spending, the expansion of your site becomes incredibly manageable.

4. SEO is Made Basic

WordPress makes on-page optimisation easy by placing many of the tools you need at your disposal. These tools are all conveniently located when adding a new post or page to your site.

When uploading images, for example, you are able to edit all of the meta data of that image before adding it to your site. This includes the title, caption, alt-text, and description – all of which help search engines deem your site relevant to the queries being searched by users.

Several WordPress plugins also allow you to add meta tags to your post. While search engines don’t rely as heavily on meta tags as they once did, it certainly doesn’t hurt your site to have clear tags describing its content to search engines.

You are able to add these tags while you are setting up your post, and it doesn’t involve any of the html coding that it would if you weren’t using a CMS. This is perhaps, one of the mega benefits of WordPress that has made it so popular.

5. Affordability

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of WordPress is its affordability. Being an open-source platform, it is free to use. Also, many of its highly-beneficial plugins are free, and there are more than a few decent themes that are free as well.

Of course, the advantages do start to rise once you start delving into the paid themes and plugins. But, these are still highly affordable in relation to the costs that can be involved with having to develop the same effects through manual coding.

All things considered, WordPress allows you to create a site that rivals any other on the web for potentially a fraction of the cost. This is likely why so many major businesses are gravitating towards it.



How WordPress Compares to Other CMS Sites

Understanding the above benefits of WordPress, you might already feel that it is a good way to go in terms of your business’s website needs.

But, why WordPress in particular? After all, there are a lot of other CMS sites out there. The simple answer to this question really lies in WordPress’s market share. WordPress powers around 60% of the CMS-made sites online, according to a recent survey. This essentially leaves all of its competitors fighting over scraps. WordPress’s main rivals, Joomla and Drupal, power only 6.4% and 4.5% of CMS-made sites, with the small change spread out across numerous other platforms.

This means that there is simply more on offer when it comes to WordPress.

Joomla and Drupal operate in very similar ways to WordPress. Both these sites offer open-source software that is easy to download and install. Furthermore, they both operate with themes and plugins, many of which are free and very effective. There is also a large community for each which is ready and willing to offer technical assistance and support.

But, when you are talking about 60% market share vs. just over 6%, the scale of WordPress wins out. There are simply more themes for WordPress, more plugins, a larger community offering more support, and a larger number of paid professionals offering expert assistance.


What You Should Know about WordPress

So, you know about the benefits of WordPress and you know about its huge popularity. But, there are a few things that you should know about the operation of this platform itself, which will only enhance your experience using it. These are:

1. Updates are Important

There are numerous reasons for you to keep your WordPress site updated. But, of these, the most important is security. Because of its immense popularity, hackers and data thieves like to target WordPress, thinking that it is an easy target.

Being aware of this, WordPress itself keeps a close eye on its code, continuously monitoring it for any weaknesses. If it finds any, it releases fixes for these weaknesses in the form of updates. So, by neglecting to update your site, you may be allowing hackers to take advantage of older weaknesses that they have discovered.

But, updates are also important for speed. Wanting to offer the best product possible, WordPress constantly releases improvements targeted at making the CMS run faster and more efficiently. This has a knock-on effect of making your site’s speed faster. And, since speed is a crucial part of SEO, having a faster-loading site will definitely help your site show up in the search engine result pages.

2. Backup for Safety

Even if you keep your WordPress site updated and you have other security measures in place, you still can’t assume that your site is impenetrable. So, to avoid any scenario in which your site goes down, be sure to regularly backup your site.

A good way to do this is with the help of a plugin. Fortunately, there are actually quite a few useful WordPress backup plugins. Plugins such as UpdraftPlus and BackWPup create backup files for you, zip those files, and send them to a storage site such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

With a backup system firmly in place, any unfortunate site problems won’t result in you losing your site (along with your mailing list and other databases). You will simply be able to revert to your last backup and get everything up and running again.


In a Nutshell, Here’s Why WordPress Is the Perfect CMS for Your Business

When all is said and done, you want a site that is attractive to its visitors and that has the ability to help those visitors enter your sales funnel. But, that’s not all. You also want a site that is…

  • easily optimised for search engine crawlers and, in turn, is easy for users to find online
  • easy to customise as you build your digital content
  • easy to scale as your business expands
  • affordable to build and maintain
  • easy to support due to large community of experts

With this in mind, there is no reason for you to use anything other than WordPress. This

CMS allows you to keep your budget in great shape due to its considerable affordability. And, with the ability of themes and plugins to deliver exactly what you need in terms of visuals and functionality, your customisation options are almost limitless. Plus, you can increase your spending and scale up as your business expands, so you never feel as if you’re gambling on future success.

With all of these perks and a huge hub of support to act as a safety net, why would you consider any other platform for your business’s site?

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