Is your website designed with your target audience in mind?

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Is your website designed with your target audience in mind?

February is web performance month at 22PointSix… When someone reaches your website, what are they there to do and does your website do it for them? The team here have identified the five main types of website that we are asked to build the most often, and identify characteristics of the classic users of each website.

And here they are…*drumroll*…

The ‘Dual Audience’ and market place sites

One of the most complicated sites to develop successfully is the market place, multi-vendor or recruitment website. The reason for these sites being potentially complicated is because of the dual purpose of the site and the dual target audiences.

From a functionality point of view, these websites deal with multiple users uploading products, copy, photos and CVs or registration forms, likewise simultaneously multiple users are shopping, browsing or gathering information. With so many users doing so many things, the website needs to perform exceptionally well, whilst still enforcing certain brand guidelines.

Conventional marketing theory tells us that the enemy of sales is a lack of precision in marketing copy so websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon have a very fine line to balance when speaking to both of their audiences – people buying things and people & companies selling things.

On these type of exchange and transactions sites that we’ve worked on, signposting is the key to success. It’s important to remember that, before anything else, the role of the site is to find buyers and to present sellers’ products in such a way as to make them attractive and interesting enough for buyers to purchase.

For both buyers and sellers, greater platform loyalty can be built up by using message boards and forum. “Best practice” guidelines for both buyers and sellers also go a long way to establishing this type of site as a “must-visit”.

22PointSix have excellent examples of dual purpose and marketplace websites, contact us to view our latest portfolio.

The ‘Employee’ and Intranets

Intranets are private websites which can only be seen by the employees of certain businesses and organisations. They hold huge volumes of data and information, providing accessible organisation-critical information when needed by individual members of staff. To be truly effective, they must work quickly and be easy to use for all staff no matter what their level of technical confidence and the device they’re being seen on.

Intranets are communications hubs, delivering better internal communications to all stakeholders. They’re also commonly used to broadcast announcements, staff news and memos across a business, to specific groups of people, or to one person in particular.

In terms of functionality, security and sorting of data is of central importance when designing intranets. What more; codes of conduct and ease of use are key in developing site maps and user journeys. Over time, intranets and CRM systems can become increasingly intermeshed creating further opportunities for efficiency and end-user service.

22PointSix have built these highly functional platforms for NHS medical teams, local authorities, and other types of business juggling with important issues including GDPR, data sensitivity, and confidentiality. We’d love to share our intranet portfolio with you.

The ‘Shopper’ and e-commerce sites

There are many reasons given by commentators for the continuing carnage in the High Street – business rates, squeezed levels of discretionary income, and car parking charges. While they almost certainly all play a part, the migration of consumers to the internet represents arguably the greatest change in retail in hundreds of years.

£1 in every £5 spent by UK consumers is now done online – it’s one of the few parts of the economy which has been growing fast for a sustained period. This has created a gold rush among online retailers which is undoubtedly price-driven however it would be wrong not to acknowledge how internet shops are “dressed” in the battle for consumer spending.

Consumers want to know what they’re buying and to be able to trust the company which wants to sell to them. They’re increasingly demanding quick and clear access to high-quality photographs of the products for sale accompanied by information on the product and delivery information (sometimes even stock levels).

E-commerce sites are ferociously difficult to build well but it’s something the 22PointSix team have decades of experience in. They’ve not only got to be usable and intuitive for visitors to your site – they’ve got to be usable and intuitive for the members of staff who update your website every day. Product migration, product photography, review areas, sale product migration, SEO and secure paying methods are just some of the considerations we take in when building sites for online shopping.

The ‘Club Members’ and members only websites

Members-only sites offer a completely different and highly personalised experience with engaging text and a tone of instant familiarity with the member and visitors. Member sites are generally content heavy (meaning that they have a lot of articles) and this is important because it’s fresh content which keeps visitors coming back eventually becoming members.

There is much more freedom from a design point of view with membership sites because, in the way that the target audience gets the personality of a member’s site by the text on the page, the layout of the site can be just as expressive.

Members only sites require working alongside a marketing executive who can provide a strong brand guideline in line with the business, its clients and the modern expectation of a user’s experience.

The ‘Information Gather’ and the Brochure site

Sometimes, what you’re selling can’t be sold online. Instead, reaching your website is the start of the buying journey for a customer. Whether it’s the website of a franchise car dealer targeting consumers or a fleet lease businesses looking to shift hundreds of cars at once to a business, “brochure sites” – sites designed to collect customer information for later follow-up – are important for high-ticket B2B and B2C products and services.

With brochure sites, the emphasis for a website builder like 22PointSix must be the successful transmission of important and enquiry-generating content (pictures and text) to the visitor. The site must be easy to navigate – that’s best achieved with a clean and flat design. There needs to be lots of calls to action and the pulling power of videos can’t be underestimated on a brochure site.

The ‘Universal User’ and the website guidelines of 2019

Whatever your type of site, to be truly appreciated by your users and visitors and to have the best chance of a high first-page ranking on Google, the architecture and the programming of your site must be right. You can’t afford to keep visitors waiting so we must ensure, when building your site, that it loads quickly and looks great on all platforms and devises.


Colour-wise and for layout, simple design with pops of colour receives great responses and interactions from visitors. Visitors and users must be able to find their way around your site in as quick and as easy way as possible. Each page and its text & its images must be search engine optimised as must the site index.

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