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Creative design

More so than ever before, we live in a visual age. Consumers and businesses discover brands through a mixture on online and printed materials whereas, in the past, most of these first contacts were made face to face or door to door. This change gave birth to brand design agencies.

Contained with our company, 22PointSix, is our own brand design service. Our in-house brand design agency is the team which creates the beautiful and user-led creative design of websites, e-commerce website design, infographic design inspiration, social media branding design packages, and stunning logo design development.

Underpinning every service is brand design research. Brand design is the marriage of colours, shapes, placement, and fonts – a combination which communicates clearly and effectively to the wider world that this is your company, this is who you are, and this is what you do.

Creative design with a commercial focus is behind everything 22pointsix does for clients.

22PointSix bring years of experience in leading, commercially-focused design for hundreds of different customers across dozens of different sectors, both B2B and B2C. The design work we produce for you is intended solely to attract attention to your company and to give it a visual footprint that’s unique, compelling, engaging, and credibility-building.

Website design and build

The first port of call for many people and companies looking for the products and services they want and need is your website. As well as being easy to use and fast-loading, it has to make your business appear  credible, professional, and approachable. It’s should look as good as your company is, if not even better.

Our website design agency professionals will work exactly to your website design specifications so that the finished product – the site your visitors and customers are coming to – is aesthetically appealing and user-friendly with the fewest number of steps needed to get to the information they want.

Logo design services

The first thing you think about when branding is to get a logo designed. Your logo is a visual expression of your company, its values, and how it fits into its customers’ lives.

A very important aspect of logo design best practice is to make sure that, wherever your logo appears, it’s striking and it’s recognisably you. Your logo is distinctive and it can never be confused with the logo of another company. Your logo must work in every environment – on your website, on your email signature strip, on YouTube, on social media, on letterheads, on the sides of company vehicles, and more.

Social media design

The way that businesses introduce themselves to and interact with customers is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime change. Customers are less and less concerned about being able to reach you by phone, email or by visiting you in person. More and more interaction is being carried out on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our team are constantly monitoring the latest in social media advertising and social media design trends so that your appearance on this increasingly invaluable platforms stands out from the crowd and generates trust from followers and would-be followers alike.

Infographic design service

Images speak a thousand words and nothing better demonstrates this than the meteoric rise of infographics in the last decade. An infographic is a visual tool combining images, illustrations, and text to take a customer through a story. They’re fun, they’re very engaging, and they’re being increasingly shared online via social media and via email.

Our infographic design services uses the very latest infographic design tools and follows the latest infographic aesthetic trends to grab attention, build trust, and prompt contact between you and your potential customers.

Why work with 22PointSix's creative designers?

22PointSix’s creative designers love the work they do and the passion they have for beautiful, clear presentation of our customers and their companies shines through in the work they produce.

They’re branding experts, they’re design experts, and, most important, they’re commercially aware. They’re not designing your website, your logo, your social media, your infographics, or any other aspect of your company’s visual presentation to the world to win design awards. They are acutely aware at all stages that the work they produce for you must produce a significant and ongoing return on investment.

Creative design at 22PointSix – contact us

To work with a team of creative, talented, experienced, and passionate design professionals, please get in touch with the team at 22PointSix on 0330 332 3022 or email us.