set your commercial branding apart with professional photography

High resolution photography that showcases your business

Image-led marketing is the bedrock of most modern marketing strategies in today’s visual age of social media, websites and camera phones. It has become the norm for most products and services to be marketed through the use of a good quality photograph; particularly because photography culture has grown in significance with the rise of bloggers, celebrity culture, and gen Y-Z .

It’s no surprise that businesses want to improve their likelihood of sales by using professional photographers to capture stunning images. At 22PointSix, we are lucky enough to have talented in-house photographers who are highly experienced in commercial photography, having worked on campaigns for a range sectors, including fashion, business, charity, fitness events, and e-commerce. Teamed with our experienced digital marketing experts, we’ll work to produce unique and eye-catching images, perfect for getting you noticed in the increasingly visually-driven marketing environment.

22PointSix can help capture the essence of your company and work in into the aesthetic of your campaign, meaning anyone who sees your content will know what your business is all about no matter where they are in the world, just by looking. We produce high resolution images that can effectively substitute the real-life experience of a store or show-room, making sure to tailor the aesthetic to your individual style.

Market your business online with photography for social media

The 2000s have seen a rise of image-sharing platforms overtake most other forms of social communication such as Instagram, which has over 1 billion active users worldwide. Each ‘post’ requires an upload of a photo accompanied by a limited word count that accompanies each image. Instagram is a powerful free marketing tool used by almost every established commercial B2C enterprise in the world. Brands can be tagged with associated hashtags, and before long, a company’s customers become pivotal in marketing the brand. However, it all begins with a brand’s own collection of lifestyle and product photography. These images inspire consumers to make purchases and boost brand loyalty by inspiring lifestyle aesthetics associated with the brand image.

Photos must be in-line with the target audience, in high resolution and ‘fresh’ in style. Most customers have seen it all when it comes to photographs and have an expectation of modern and creative imagery that compel them to make a purchase. Our photography team come from a fashion photography background, and having worked on publications such as Vogue magazine; have a sharp eye for aesthetics and understanding the need of the consumer. We can provide your brand with fully edited high resolution images that are perfectly sized for the social media channel you use.

If you want to increase your presence on social media, a photography and social media package from 22PointSix is a great way to start. Email us to find out more.

Commercial Photography for all your business needs

Whether your business is a mobile makeup artist service, or an optimisation of heat transfer through the reduction of wasted energy company; chances are your business could benefit from commercial photography services for websites, brochures and leaflets. 22PointSix are well known for the diverse range clients represented in of our portfolio and the reason we never get bored of our job is because our clients come from such a wide range of sectors! Our photography team is not simply there to take photos- the photography process is a part of the wider marketing process where we take photos based on your marketing objectives and target audience. There tends to be a commonality with all of our clients and one of those common traits is that they need good quality, high resolution photographs to show case their business and service. We can photograph your team members, products, office building, developments and even your customers where it makes sense to do so.
Many business owners are surprised at the difference our photography makes to the perception of their business and we believe our photography services help businesses to capture the attention of the potential clients. Simply put, attractive, high-quality images indicate a high-quality service.

Product Photography for E-commerce

Nearly a quarter of all UK purchases happen online nowadays and the trend is growing fast. The perfect shot is all about presentation, and image quality can be the difference between a losing and securing a sale. You need to make sure that your product looks the best it can, and that the image you use represents your product as accurately as possible. It is noted the third most common reason for online store returns is because the item did not match the image on the website. Online returns can cost a lot of money to a business and it is highly avoidable with good quality photography.

22PointSix will make sure your product is captured in its best light- this includes matching the colour in post-production to the colour wheel we create when looking at your product. Texture, weight, fabric drape and perceived size are all factors we take into consideration when we photograph products for the intention of E-commerce. With thousands of competitors now operating online, investing in a professional photography service for your online business will help you stand out from the crowd.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is not just about taking pictures of clothes, it is an art in its own right. Photographers need the skills, connections, and attention to detail necessary to enhance the beauty of a piece or collection, and that’s exactly what our photographers do at 22PointSix. It’s often difficult to get great photographs on your own, so we have a whole team create the right scene, manage the angle and reset lighting equipment, and tell the story of your collection.

Drone photography

By mounting the camera on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), we can use drone photography to produce stunning aerial shots, making use of light and space in a way that is unachievable with the use of human or ground photography. 22PointSix’s drone photography services in Sussex and around the UK have the technology and software to create that amazing shot that you never realised you could get, with optimum intensity and clarity. This type of photography is typically popular with huge developments, businesses in areas of natural beauty, or sports events photography.

Photo Editing Services

If you already have your images, but you want to take it to the next level, 22PointSix can offer editing and appearance altering services using Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Lightroom. Whether you want to subtly improve appearance with colour correction and retouching, or you want to totally transform the look and feel of your image, we can help you make the best of your visual content.

Commercial photography for business- contact us

22PointSix do more than create amazing images that people want to look at. We create photo albums that are an integral part of a successful marketing campaign. We ensure your images are inline with your commercial objectives so you achieve the success your business deserves.

To find out our rates for a package of photography, please email our experienced photography team.