pay per click advertising


What is pay per click advertising?

Every time you enter a search term into Google or another search engine, the companies occupying the most prominently-displayed results will have paid to be displayed at the top. Businesses now spend more on pay per click Google Ads than they do on television advertising. You can now enrol in pay per click for Facebook advertising and pay per click on Twitter too.

Does pay per click work? It can work very well, but when managed by someone without deep knowledge and experience of the systems, the costs can run away from you making it a wholly unproductive exercise. At 22PointSix, our team of pay per click advertising specialists work with dozens of companies so that you only feature on the most relevant and cost-effective search terms to deliver instant leads to you and your sales team.

A pay per click marketing strategy for your company

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22PointSix offers pay per click marketing services across all the major search and social media platforms. Whether your goal is to increase your audience, engage directly with more prospects, or to increase your sales, work with our experts to come up with a bespoke and actionable plan for your business.

Is pay per click advertising worth it?

Yes – but only when done right. And it has to be right from the very start of our engagement with you, whether you’re new to pay per click marketing or you are looking to improve your cost per sale or cost per customer acquisition on your current pay per click marketing campaigns.

There is a science to getting pay per click advertising and marketing right. It involves getting to know your business, who your target customers are, the part of the buying cycle they’re at when they start searching to find suppliers of your product and service and more. If you are to spend £100 on pay per click marketing, we’d rather deliver you 20 visits and 5 leads rather than 100 visits and 1 lead.

Cost of pay per click advertising on Google

Pay per click rates on Google AdWords (the name of their PPC program) depend on the search terms you choose to promote yourself with.

Pay per click advertising on Google, on other search engines, and on social media is a mature market. This means that, in comparison to even five years ago, it’s now possible to deliver far greater marketing impact on a client’s budget using proven techniques and processes rather than a client attempting it themselves.

Let us know the budget you have to work with and the return on investment you need to make it a very worthwhile part of your marketing mix – then let us start the process for you.

Social media pay per click

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram offer your business a superb opportunity to build up your followers and bring in extra sales enquiries through their sophisticated online pay per click marketing activities.

We help client reach the specific target markets they need to attract – sometimes those markets are very niche and other times very broad. We’ll use social media pay per click to build real brand awareness, generate meaningful engagement with your target market, and drive valuable and actionable new leads to your business.

22PointSix works with clients to devise social media pay per click marketing campaigns throughout the whole process, from the creation of content for campaigns, to the targeting, the conversions, and finally the performance monitoring.

Pay per click advertising

Most people associate pay per click marketing with text-only adverts. However, Google and other search networks sell advertising space on millions of other websites, many of which offer you the chance to run display advertising – advertising which features both text, static graphics, moving graphics, and video.

We create compelling, engaging, and eye-catching adverts designed to win attention and deliver a strong sales message in the short time where we have the readers’ attentions. Our graphics team are familiar with the technical specifications required for each platform and display space type.

Pay per click remarketing

Does your site attract visitors who then leave without making an enquiry or purchasing something from you? Well over half of website visits create no sale or usable follow-up data for companies and remarketing is one way to overcome this issue.

Using leading Facebook and Google technology, we’re able to display follow-up adverts to those visitors, reminding them of your presence and what it is that you do. Statistics show that it takes at least 8 online exposures to a brand before trust begins to be established in a potential customer’s mind and remarketing is an effective, quick, and affordable way of doing this.

We work with all sizes of pay per click budgets

We work with some of the world’s largest companies on pay per click marketing as well as with much smaller companies keen to invest in pay per click marketing to build awareness and create new sales opportunities.

Why work with 22PointSix's pay per click experts?

Because we never stop experimenting with different keywords, USPs, advert content, and sales funnel types until we are absolutely sure you’re benefitting from the optimum return available to you on your budget. You’ll find us just as committed and focused to hitting your KPIs as your staff are.

Our pay per click marketing service is geared towards delivering you the highest return on your investment possible.

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