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How the best of search engine optimisation transforms a business

How to do search engine optimisation and do it well? Search engine optimisation is the skill you need to ensure that your website and the pages on your website feature prominently on Google’s search results. If someone is searching for what you sell, the likelihood is that a purchase is imminent or not far away. It’s our job to make sure that you’re seen when buyers are primed and ready to spend money with you.

Every month, more and more companies wanting to improve their own visibility on Google, Bing, and the other main web directories contact us for search optimisation help. By working with the team at 22PointSix, we’ll make sure that everything from the keywords for search engine optimisation chosen, the domain authority of your site to the quality of the content get you to and keep you at the top of the rankings.

Want to know how to improve search engine optimisation for your site?

There are dozens of important factors behind a successful search engine optimisation strategy that places your site in front of consumers and businesses ready to buy from you. We invite you to fill in a form we send out to you – let us know your website address and the keyword or keyphrase you’d most like to appear at the top of search engine listings for. Within 48 hours, we’ll get back to you with a full audit explaining what you’re doing well and what you need help on in plain English.

Keyword research

Search engine optimisation starts with keyword research. Keywords and keyphrases are crucially important – Google and other search engines are machines and employ machine-like thinking to decide on what your website and each individual webpage is about. Without getting your keywords and keyphrases right, you won’t achieve optimum rankings online for your business.

The 22PointSix team has years of experience working with clients in choosing the most relevant keywords and keyphrases to generate the highest quality traffic to and highest quality leads from your website.

Search engine optimisation on Google

There are other search engines and they are worth paying attention to however the undisputed leader in the sector is Google. And it’s on Google that your search engine optimisation efforts should be focused.

Who links to your website? How does Google regard the sites which link to yours? Is your site optimised to display beautifully on all devices including smartphones and tablets? How quick does your site load? There are over 25 different metrics by which Google measures the quality of a website and its content which we test for.

Remember that Google is not there to serve you or your competitors. It’s there to serve the people who use it to search for information. When we’re working on your search engine optimisation, we aim to meet all of Google’s requirements on finding your website, packing each page with sales-driven, helpful, and commercially-focused copy to deliver you leads and sales.

E-commerce search engine optimisation

E-commerce now accounts for 20% of all consumer spending in the UK at the expense of bricks and mortar retailers. Its rise has been quick and there’s no sign of it slowing down soon. The real goldrush for business now lies online because more and more people now want the ability to buy online rather than take themselves out to the shops. And given how small the UK is geographically and the temptation of next-day delivery for consumers – near instant gratification – it’s a market you can’t afford to divert time and investment away from.

We’re experienced providers of Magento 2 search engine optimisation and search engine optimisation for Shopify. In fact, our team have years of success in e-commerce search engine optimisation for UK customers across a wide range of different sectors.

Local SEO

Have you ever typed into Google on your phone “garages near me” or “convenience store near me”? You’re not alone as nearly 47% of searches carried out online have “local intent” – that means that people are looking for goods and services locally right now. They are in the right point of the buying cycle and this is your opportunity to make a sale.

22PointSix offers clients experience in being found by consumers and businesses ready to buy from you in your geographical location.

Why choose 22PointSix for search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is something our experienced team enjoy working on greatly for clients. As you know, the results aren’t immediate. It takes time to be seen by Google. There are techniques you can use for quick wins but it doesn’t take Google long to spot them. When they do, they severely penalise you and your business by demoting you far down the search results.

22PointSix delivers Google everything they need to know about your business and why they need to display it to their searchers as a matter of priority. We follow all industry good practice from start to finish.

The best bit though? Although you do need to constantly keep up your search engine optimisation efforts, most of the hard work happens in the first 3-6 months. After that, you have a search engine which ranks highly and is seen by consumers and businesses ready to make a purchase. And you don’t have to pay a penny when they click through to your site in advertising fees to anyone.

How the best of search engine optimisation transforms a business

Pay per click marketing is such a worthwhile investment and done right, it can produce significant returns on investment (find out more about our pay per click marketing service by clicking here).

But remember that most searchers skip past the adverts to get straight to the natural search results. Your investment in search engine optimisation could produce an even greater return over time.

To find out more, please speak to our knowledgeable and experienced team on 0330 332 3022 or email us for more information.