use social media to encourage a strong brand loyalty and find new customers

A social media marketing business plan for your company

How does your business get into social media marketing in such a way that it really drives engagement, enquiries, and sales? Many business owners completely see the potential that social media offers but, more often than not, it’s one or two things which stop them from taking full advantages:

  • Social media marketing requires time and time is always at a premium when running a business
  • For company owners born before 1980, much of the social media revolution may be so different to the standard marketing tactics they have successfully employed for years. And they are worried that a lack of understanding may actually do their business harm online.

With so many social media platforms to consider, it can be hard to even find the time to sit down with your team to device a cogent social media marketing plan. Social media marketing however is a huge opportunity to create a real competitive gap in your favour so please get in touch with us today so that we can device a social media marketing plan fit for your business and its commercial goals.

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Every day, our social media marketing services make hundreds of our clients more visible to their target audience, promoting their brand message, and encouraging contact. What so many businesses on social media miss is that social media is marketing – it’s not selling. People will always buy people first and social media is a great way to get potential customers speaking to you.

Please fill in the form above and we’ll contact you with real-life examples of how social media marketing has helped clients generate interaction, engagement, and enquiries and how to marry this successfully with your sales department either online, by email, or over the phone.

Social media marketing on Instagram

Instagram, part of Facebook, threatens to overshadow its parent company with its rapid growth and massive level of engagement from its users. Instagram is image-led, not text-led. It’s about the power of photography and the way that images can captivate, intrigue, and engage an audience.

Instagram works well for both B2B and B2C companies. For B2B companies, Instagram can really add to the value and visibility of your brand by showing your staff at work, corporate social responsibility programmes, team building, and more. Given that most young people will be Instagram users now, you can really showcase your company and what makes it special to both potential staff members and customers.

For B2C, the power of a picture can give so much more to the user than even the best-written descriptions. That beautiful dress, that exquisite meal, that fantastic extension on the back of a home flooded with light looking perfect.

Get the imagery right, get the supporting text right, and get the frequency of posting right, and Instagram can really deliver.

Social media marketing on Facebook

The dominant social media platform, your business, especially if you sell to consumers, can generate an enormous following from a well-thought-out, actively-managed presence on Facebook. Whether you want to build a large audience, make sales, generate enquiries, or gain permission for off-Facebook marketing, we have the experience you need to help you achieve your goals.

Not sure why you want to be on Facebook but feel you should be? Contact us, tell us about your company, and we’ll let you know how we would maximise the commercial opportunities offered by Facebook for a company in your line of business.

Social media marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the B2B social media platform where professionals can share their advice, experience, and insights. Real commercial value can be delivered over time by becoming a leading social media marketing influencer – so much so that many of our clients now derive a significant amount of work from LinkedIn and from what they share with other LinkedIn users.

The most successful LinkedIn campaigns bring in a number of different tactics and disciplines, all of which the team at 22PointSix have a lot of experience in. Contact us to find out how we would work with a business like yours to deliver followers, enquiries, and sales.

Social media marketing on Twitter

Among its users, Twitter possibly outperforms all other social media platforms for engagement and awareness. You can only post messages up to 280 characters long so getting your message across quickly and succinctly is a distinct competitive advantage.

As well as posting messages, Twitter can be great as a lead generation and a cold outreach tool. Twitter has its own way of working and the team at 22PointSix know how to build a significant following, compose compelling messages, and gain maximum exposure through the use of hashtags and other platform specific techniques.

Twitter works very well for both B2C and B2B businesses. To understand the true potential Twitter offers companies in your line of business, please contact us for a detailed and plain English summary specific to you.

Why social media marketing for business with 22PointSix?

The team at 22PointSix are composed of marketing professionals with many years’ experience behind them across campaigns for companies in hundreds of different sectors. Whatever you’re selling and to whom requires a bespoke approach to achieve the results your business requires.

We’ve been involved with social media marketing since the birth of each of the social media marketing platforms. We believe that the changes that social media marketing will bring to the way that consumers and businesses find companies they want to buy from will fundamentally change the nature of business for decades to come. Social media marketing is both personal and professional and we’ll use the very best of time-honed and proven techniques when we represent you as your social media marketing agency.

Social media marketing agency UK – contact us

We’d really appreciate the opportunity to find out more about you and what you do at your company. Once we know, we’ll then be able to device social media marketing plans specifically to meet your business and commercial goals.

To find out more, please speak to our knowledgeable and experienced team on 0330 332 3022 or email the social media team.