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Video Production is Very Important in the Age of the Internet

Video production is the most direct and effective method for communicating with your target audience. According to a 2016 Cisco report, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer traffic by 2020.

Video production is the process of capturing, editing, and presenting moving images for a specific purpose. As a professional video production company, 22PointSix has created visual content for use in a number of different sectors, including advertising and promotion, business services, construction and civil engineering, public services, training, health, and education.

With 43% of people wanting to see more video content from companies, now is the time to invest in video production for branding and sales generation.

50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before they visit a store. According to Forrester, video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. If the video is personalised, the average retention rate is 35% higher than for non-personalized videos.

22PointSix Showreel- Our HD Video Showreel for our Clients

Promotion Video Production

Video production is a three-part process consisting of:

  • ‘Pre-production’ which covers everything that occurs prior to shooting the video. This is the stage when our team work with you to determine which direction you want your project to go in. We’ll storyboard your brief, write a shooting script, source equipment, and put a final production team together to get things underway.
  • ‘Production’ is when the actual video shooting takes place. There may be voice- over recording, on-location filming, interviews and cut away shots. Shooting the video itself requires a small team of camera operators and sound engineers, all of which we have in-house.
  • ‘Post-production’ is when you’ll start to see your video production take shape. This is the point where we put all the elements together to create a final video. We have the resources to add music, sound effects and subtitles to give your project that professional and polished look.

We’ll communicate with you throughout the entire project so you can see how your video production is progressing, step by step.

Corporate Video Production and Promotional Video Production

Videos that represent your company, its brand, and its values, are becoming increasingly popular. They serve many different purposes from demonstrating how your company operates, to showcasing your company to potential talented new staff members.

Promotional videos are ideal for ensuring your services and products stand out from your competitors’. They’re great for branding and for driving sales. Do you have an exciting new product you want to showcase? Has your company recently enjoyed a recognition and success that you’d like to celebrate? Does your business have a new agenda that you’d like to push to your customers and clients? Promotional videos are successfully being used more and more by companies to do just that.

For all corporate video production and promotional video production enquiries, please contact our team.

HD Video Production

We can film in standard definition, high definition, and 4K resolutions. Let us know the picture quality you’d prefer for your project.

360 video production for London and the UK

Very popular with estate agents, car showrooms, and a wide variety of different businesses with high-ticket items to sell, 360 videos use a specialist camera to record action in every direction. The images produced by the cameras can then be stitched together to create a beautiful and immersive panoramic view where your website visitor has control of the direction of observation.

We’re used to working within a wide variety of budgets so that your 360 video production costs fit comfortably within your projected costs.

Video Production for Social Media

How do you stand out in a sea of social media videos from other companies, all vying for the same attention? Your social media video needs to be smart, snappy, and social-media ready – if it creates dialogue online, you’re on the way to going viral.

Using a carefully-crafted combination of filming techniques, high quality audio, and computer-generated illustrations is the most likely way to succeed in creating a successful social media video, according to recent statistics.

We have a lot of experience in producing Instagram videos and Facebook adverts and short films. We can also help you with both short-form and long-form YouTube videos.

Animated and Graphical Video Production

Internet users are ruthless when it comes to navigating away from the videos they think are a waste of their time. Often, they will do so within a matter of just seconds (one fifth will click away in ten seconds or less, according to Video Brewery).

Plus, if you’re going to be releasing video ad content online, you’ll need to understand that 81% of consumers will have the video muted. Give them a reason to turn on the sound!

Motion graphics excel here because a consumer can’t place prejudice on a moving, text-filled square as they could on an actor. Consumers love video but it has to be short and interesting to keep their attention.

The New York Times’ 2017 ad campaign ‘Politics’ featured a white background, with the phrase “the truth is” followed by constantly changing statements, all of which were real voiceovers from news broadcasts. The ad was a reaction to the “fake news” buzzword popularised by the Trump presidency. 

The advert flashes through the series of statements, before ending with “the truth is more important than ever”, followed up with the NYT logo. The punchy 30-second advert was shown to a liberal audience at the Academy Awards in February 2016, and it was a huge success – with 15 million views since it first aired.

It’s a prime example of motion graphics and animation being used simply and with considerable success. Here at 22point6, we have the resources and creativity to make it happen for you, too.

Why choose one of 22PointSix’s video production packages?

Understandably, many businesses are intimated by the idea of video because it sounds expensive and daunting. However you may be surprised at how cost effective a video by 22PointSix can be; we have video options to suit every budget including videos for start ups. Using a team of professional video producers means that you don’t have to worry about managing all the resources and finances for your project on your own so it will be produced quickly and efficiently.

We employ talented, business-minded directors, graphic designers, and programmers to ensure your marketing and promotion pound is fully utilised. There’s a reason we’re experts in our field.

Not only that, but a professional video producer will be responsible for cost-controlling the whole project, as well as taking care of licencing and permission grants – elements the layman may not even be aware of.

What we need from you is a brief for your video – direct, with a strategy, and with a target audience in mind. We can help you develop this brief and we’ll refer to it all the way through the project.

The brief is the conception point of your project and – like any marketing campaign – starts with a firm strategy in mind. What is your business aim for this video production? Do you want this video production to change your employee’s perception of your firm, or to influence the views of potential customers who see it?

Think about your core message, your content, and your target audience and share those insights with us.

Video production for business – contact us

22pointsix not only create world-class video productions that get potential and existing customers talking – we also can put together a strong marketing campaign to make sure that your video gets the maximum positive exposure needed so that your business can achieve the commercial goals you set out with for the project.

To find out more and to ask for our video production rate card, please email our experienced video production team.