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Web development vs software development?

We’re both web developers and software developers. In these days of cloud computing and with the need for businesses to be able to deploy and operate away from the office, the old distinction between software you install on your computer and website you access on the go is rapidly fading away. Software now runs on the web and many websites require software to run them. The wide range of tasks and activities that could only ever be completed using an installed program before are now increasingly common and expected on the web. 22PointSix’s web team has over two decades’ worth of experience developing intuitive, quick, and highly dependable software and websites. Contact us to find out more about web development, software development, e-commerce development, CMS development, and framework app development.

A talented web building agency & software development agency

22PointSix have worked with clients on web development, software development, e-commerce development, CMS development, and framework app development for a wide variety of different purposes. Projects we’ve worked on include e-commerce, education tools, booking platforms, diagnostic tools, apps, customer relationship management systems, working within content management systems, and social media platforms.

Our team offer full server administration knowledge, they are experienced in the use of Agile methodology, and they work well in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MSSQL databases.  We offer programming in Java, PHP, and Javascript.

Full web development company services

For the very best websites, design and development work hand-in-hand. Having a beautiful website is one thing but it needs to perform at its very best – for visitors, for search engines, and for your technical and non-technical members of staff.

22PointSix provide full bespoke web development solutions custom-fit to your exact specification. Our team has the deep base of creative and technical knowledge required so that your users have a faultless experience on your website. Our team work with Magento, WordPress, and more platforms – let us know your preference.

Software development company

We create bespoke software solutions for clients which are reliable, flexible, and meet the needs of your business or organisation. With a focus on cost-effective and efficient delivery of your software, we work, in tandem with you, from prototypes meaning that you can see your software, its appearance, and, most important, its functionality develop as we proceed.

We operate a vigorous testing regime both during the development of the software and after its completion to ensure that the coding is of the highest quality and consistency and that the debugging process takes no longer than it needs to.

Better still, as your company grows and your needs from your bespoke software increase, we can introduce additional functionality to your existing system quickly and effectively because software development services team working on the expansion will be the team that worked on the creation.

E-commerce web development

We build e-commerce driven websites to boost your sales with state-of-the-art, experience-driven websites that bring in, convert, and keep customers. We build e-commerce platforms which allow our clients to grow their business year after year, taking full advantage of the latest technological developments.

Working hand-in-hand with your project manage throughout the e-commerce website development process, we’ll design your online store so that it looks and behaves in just the way that customers and search engines want and expect.

We can develop your e-commerce platform in Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce– full e-commerce website development.

CMS web development

With years of successful application of and experience in WordPress, Drupal, and PyroCMS and our own custom build CMS; 22PointSix’s developers are available to work with you on all aspects of your site. We have built and maintained many different types of websites across a range of industries.

We build in a way that permits multiple users to manage, post, and edit the information, data, and content on their websites or intranet across different permission levels- after the website goes live. This ensures our clients have full control of the website they commission from us. Whether you and your team want to create, edit, archive, collaborate on, report, publish, or distribute information, data, and content, let 22PointSix build the system you need to operate at peak effectiveness.

Custom build software & mobile app development

With the right combination of frameworks for your project, you can speed up development, significantly boost performance, and extend the capabilities of what you want your project to achieve. The 22PointSix team of programmers offers experience in and knowledge of programming and deploying both software frameworks and web application frameworks (including Model-View Controller architecture).

Just a handful of the frameworks our developers have used in the past are Symfony, Laravel, Silex, CodeIgniter, Angular, Vue.js, and Sails.js.

Why work with 22PointSix’s team of programmers?

We’re a business too and we know just how much value can be added to a business when its website, its software, and cross-overs between the two work to the optimum. It reduces the level of errors within an organisation, it reduces both fixed and sales-related costs, it makes the customer experience far more enjoyable, and it has an unparalleled ability to help staff engage with the company even more.

Our team have the experience needed to deliver those benefits to your business in a shorter time, at a better rate, and at a very high quality.

Web development & software development at 22PointSix – contact us

To work with our team of talented, thorough, outcomes-focused web developers and software developers, please get in touch with the team at 22PointSix on 0330 332 3022 or email us.